Goodbye My Friend
At home pet euthanasia services


A common question after a pet has passed on is "What happens now?"  The decision to euthanize one's pet is hard enough without having to worry about the aftercare of the body as well.  The staff at Goodbye My Friend can help you with both aftercare as well as honoring the life of your pet with memorials.  Cremation services are provided by Pet Memorial Service.  Your pet's body will be handled with both care and respect.
Cremation services

Communal cremation - Your pet will be cremated with other pets and the remains scattered.  Ashes are not returned.

Private Cremation - Your pet will be individually cremated and returned to you in your choice of urn.   Animal Memorial Service offers standard and photo urns, decorative urns, laser engraved paw prints and custom jewelry options.

Other services

Home burial - Many owners will opt to bury their pets at home.  Please refer to your city municipal code for details.  This is illegal in some cities.

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