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Making the decision to euthanize your pet is one of the hardest decisions a pet owner has to make.  The staff at Goodbye My Friend is dedicated to helping you in this process.  We believe that euthanasia should be a peaceful event minimizing pain, discomfort and stress.

Many pets (cats especially) exhibit anxiety both in the car and at the veterinary office.  For pets that adore a trip to the vet, pain or lack of mobility may make the trip difficult for both pet and owner.  Additionally, some owners do not their pet's final hours to be in the vet's office which may bring back painful memories during future vet visits with other pets.  Euthanasia is provided in the privacy and comfort of your own home.  There, your pet may be surrounded in the company of family, friends and other family pets. 

When faced with euthanasia, give yourself and your pet the gift of being able to say goodbye at home.  

Why doesn't my regular vet provide home euthanasias?

Most general and referral practices are not able to provide home euthanasias to clients.  With scheduled surgeries, sick pet, recheck and vaccine appointments, most clinics cannot spare one of their veterinarians to leave the hospital to provide this service. 

Seeing the need for clients to say a private farewell at home, Dr. Jenny Jones founded Goodbye My Friend in the summer of 2011.  She has helped over 1000 families with in home euthanasia.

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Dr. Jenny Jones

Dr. Jenny has over twenty-oneyears experience in the veterinary field.  She has helped hundreds of families with this difficult decision.  Dr. Jenny lives in the Roseville area with her family and has been a general practitioner in the Sacramento area for the past fifteen years.

Goodbye My Friend services are available by appointment most evenings and weekends.  Same day appointments are available as Dr. Jenny will make every effort to help your pet when you decide that it is time.

Please call 905-7387 or fill out the client contact page for an appointment.
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